Dog Food – Sunday 20th December 2020

Dog food

Have you thought about your dog food? I’m not talking about your usual Christmas overeating attempts. Here I’m more concerned about your everyday food. I’m not suggesting you start stockpiling, but it is possible that your food may not be as readily available due to the Brexit delays. Can you just prod your human to make sure they keep a few extra days of food in stock, especially if you are on a special diet?

Our supplier sent us an email saying that they were reducing the number of lines they stock and that deliveries may take a few days longer. Unfortunately, Ari’s food is one they won’t be stocking as far as we can see, so he needs Mum to find a new supplier.

Changing food

Oh, I know you could change food, but we all know what happens when our humans make us do that quickly. Mind you, they have to do the clearing up, so you’d think they’d learn. More importantly for Ari as he’s wheat intolerant and has a tendency to pancreatitis, changing is not straightforward. I know Mum will sort it, but I just thought it was worth mentioning to the rest of you in case you need to make sure you have enough to last that little bit longer.

Talking of Ari

His leg is so much better that Mum is letting him come up to the office just once a day. She’s keeping his harness on him so she can support his weight up and down the stairs. She said she will monitor his progress and if there starts to be a problem then he’ll have to stay downstairs, but it’s nice to see his little face back at the desk again.

Aristotle smiling as he gets up to the desk in the office.

Today’s excitement

Today Santa is coming to our village. Normally we have to go down to the Green to see him, but this year he is going to come around the whole village so we can stay indoors and wave to him. Ok, in my case I may get carried away and bark, but he won’t mind.



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  1. Good idea to keep a few days worth of food in reserve – then if you do have to switch brands it can be introduced gradually.

    • Mum says you should probably do the same with cake. I think she is doing too.
      Love and licks (licks especially for Gary)

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