A New Friend – Monday 21st December 2020

A New Friend

We’ve got a new friend. It’s so funny, under normal circumstances that would not be so exceptional, but when you’ve been at home for the last nine months it really is very exciting. We’ve all had to promise Mum that we won’t go too close or try to play with it. You see, our new friend is a hedgehog. I think the word is out locally that Mum will spoil any local wildlife who want to come round. Our hedgehog will be no exception.

picture of a new friend - a hedgehog visiting our garden

Putting out Food

It all started when Mum was about to take Ari out. She brought Ari back inside so she could check if our hedgehog was ok. It was dark, so it being out and about in itself wasn’t a concern. However, she did think he was looking a little on the small side to be hibernating. She came in to find a saucer of food the hedgehog might like and says she’ll take something out each evening. She doesn’t want to leave the food out generally as last time she tried that the visitors we got were not of the welcome variety.

Thankful for Wildlife

You know, without us and the wildlife I think Mum might have gone a little crazy over the last few months. I’m really pleased that our little family has grown again. Mind you, it didn’t stop Mum suggesting yesterday that she was going to have as her new year’s resolution ‘to become more eccentric’. That doesn’t bear thinking about.

Shadow’s Coat

At long last Shadow’s coat is starting to look better. Mum has been giving her a little seaweed each day and it has done the trick. The rate she’s going she’s going to be looking better than all the rest of us. Ari and I have asked if we can start having seaweed powder too.



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