Living on an Island – Tuesday 22nd December 2020

Living on an Island

This is what it means to be living on an island. Here we are on our own little island and stuck here. We may as well be surrounded by shark infested waters, but maybe it’s risky even saying that. I cannot visit my homeland even if I wanted to. Mum says she’d rather it was a nice sunny island with golden beaches. Instead it’s a very gloomy little island with a lot of rain and fog. However, I’m not the sort of dog to stay downhearted for long. Let’s think about reasons to be cheerful.

Reasons to be cheerful

Firstly, yesterday was the shortest day around here so at least we’re going to get a little more daylight day by day. Secondly, we’re warm, well fed and safe and that’s more than many dogs can say. Thirdly, we are loved. You cannot underestimate the importance of being loved. I should probably have put that first. Fourthly, we will get through this if we all just do the sensible things and look out for each other. I could keep going with the list but you get the general point.

Message in a bottle

I did ask Mum if we could go and do one of those messages in a bottle to call for help. She said it was pollution and I wasn’t allowed to. I wonder what the ethically acceptable equivalent is. There are no planes, so there is no point the three of us killing the grass by peeing in a pattern to leave a message. (That’s me, Shadow and Ari if you wondered which three.) Maybe we should plant some bright flowers in a pattern to form a message but it would take ages to grow. I wonder what else we could do in order to be rescued.