Mama in the Snow – Monday 28th December 2020

Mama in the snow

I received some lovely photos yesterday of Mama in the snow. Oh I miss being able to be there with her and my sister Valeria. It is only about twenty minutes from my mountain. Dad went for a walk with Mama’s human and Mama and Valeria. When I say walk, the humans needed snow shoes but of course we have four-paw drive. It is amazing the way snow shoes work to stop humans sinking down into the snow, with the humans being so heavy.

Mama in the snow with Valeria

I hope Mama hasn’t forgotten me. I haven’t seen her now for more than a year. That’s a very long time for a dog.

The place they were all walking is the Rickental. That’s how we get our name. I’m Wilma vom Rickental. Our kennel name comes from the location. It is such a beautiful place. I like going there when I can. Dad had a lovely walk and told me all about it. He didn’t wear his ski trousers as it was quite warm. His jeans got very wet, so he learned a lesson.

Alfie’s Ramp

Here we had an altogether different sort of day. The wonderful ramp that one of Mum’s friends in the village made for Alfie is now back in place. It is a very long ramp and goes up all six stairs to the office. Mum wants both Aristotle and Shadow to spend some time in the office now their respective legs have improved. Aristotle is very happy with the arrangement and could go up and down easily. Shadow said her hip was hurting yesterday and she found it more difficult. If it at least helps Ari it will be worth it.



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