Christmas Lights – Monday 4th January 2021

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights might seem like an odd thing to talk about in January, but believe me that sums up Sunday. If you go with the whole, what goes up must come down theory you will start to understand. In addition to the ones on the Christmas tree and the ones that got sucked up the vacuum cleaner, Mum put up 2300 LED lights. That was 11 different sets. A lot of lights. Yesterday the first 1100 came down. ‘Wilma,’ she said, ‘will you lend me a paw with this?’ Oh how naïve was I? I trotted out into the back garden like a good dog before the extent of the problem became apparent.

Take 2

It wasn’t raining. That’s the best that could be said for the weather. It was typical England. Cold, damp and to be honest bone chilling even for a mountain dog. Mum wanted to get the big set of 1000 lights down as that would be the biggest part of the job out of the way.  So far, so good. She found an old hosepipe reel to wind them onto so they wouldn’t get tangled. Now, I’m a dog, but even I could see the problem. Firstly, Mum brushed all the cobwebs off the reel. That was no small job. Then she carefully wound the first three hundred lights around the reel – until she got to the summerhouse.

Mum had forgotten that she had wound the lights around the uprights of the summerhouse deck. The reel would not pass through between the uprights. I then sat in the cold and watched as Mum carefully unwound the entire reel and began to gather up the lights in little bunches. It took forever.

Thawing out

By the time we went back inside we both needed to thaw out. I just hope she remembers not to thread them through like that next year. It would be an awful shame if we were to go through the same rigmarole before she remembered. Mind you, at least I would get to say ‘Told you so.’ But in my experience, that is never the sort of help she was looking for.



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