Not in the plan – Sunday 10th January 2021

Not in the plan

Well that was not in the plan. Shadow’s leg seems to be back to square one. Mum thought it was all going so well. She has no idea what happened. Shadow was fine when she went to bed and not fine when she got up in the morning. Now we’re back to having to get her to rest and see if she will heal. Mum thinks she will need an operation, but whilst the whole Covid situation is so bad and Mum is supposed to be shielding she doesn’t want to have to start taking Shadow for specialist appointments. Poor Shadow. She’s feeling a bit glum. She is still managing to climb onto the settee to sleep, although Mum did ask if that was how she made it worse.

Moving Office

Anyway, so that Shadow and Aristotle can spend more time with Mum we are going to have a bit of a move around. I’ve told you our office is up six stairs. Well although Mum tried using the ramp it wasn’t going all that well. That was partly because Shadow was trying to use it as a trampoline, but that’s another story. Mum has said that we’ll move the office to where they are instead. At least she can work at their level for some of the day. Now the problems begin. Mum can’t move the desk on her own. At least, she can’t move the desk as it is. She is going to have to dismantle it, move it and then reassemble it. I do hope it doesn’t turn out like the wardrobe with pieces left over.

Nose to Nose

Mum rolled over in bed and found her nose touching my nose. She seemed surprised that I’d got my head on her pillow. I was in Dad’s side of the bed, but I was lying at an angle so I could share her pillow. I do like to be as close as possible. It’s easier to check she’s ok if I can do it without moving. I’m just being diligent in my duties of taking care of her. At least, that’s my story!



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