Polly at Eight Weeks – Friday 16th January 2021

Polly at Eight Weeks

I thought you might like to see one or two pictures of Polly at eight weeks of age. She’s Shadow’s granddaughter through D’Artagnan (Leo), which of course makes her Aristotle’s niece too. She’s also my great niece, being the granddaughter of my sister Valeria. Polly’s proper name is Skyeannroos Belle Padstow.

A Bright Future

If things go to plan she’s a little dog with a bright future. She will be heading into the show ring and going on to have puppies of her own when she’s older. Thankfully, she had a check at her vet this week and the vet has given her a clean bill of health, which is a good start. She will have to have other health tests when she’s older, but for now that is as much as we can hope for.

Polly at eight weeks in a show standing position

Rickental Genes

I’m proud to say she seems to have the genes from my side of the family which mean she’s a bit of a mountaineer and jumps quite a lot. Shadow has tried to claim responsibility for that, but she more bounces than jumps. It’s a completely different thing. Dog from my kennel are known for our… let’s call it athleticism!

Bad Habits

She lives with her mother Sybil, who I am sure is a very good dog. However she also lives with Basil (Beethoven from Shadow’s second litter). Basil is not always a good dog. He is very mischievous and has been since he was very young. He was always the one rearranging everything in the puppy pen while the others were asleep. We are expecting him to teach Polly a few bad habits, but hopefully my niece, Sybil, will keep them both in order.

Single pup

She was the only one in her litter, a singleton. That comes with a whole different set of problems. If you don’t put more work in to socialise a singleton pup with other dogs they don’t always know how to be a dog. Polly’s human is very good and knows what to do though. Sybil is doing a good job of playing with her too, so I don’t think Polly will have any problems when she’s older.

I can’t wait to be able to meet her when everything is safe for me to go out.

Love Wilma

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