Upping My Game – Sunday 24th January 2021

Upping my game

Well, I’ve been upping my game on the exercise front. Yesterday was very frosty and the ground was hard. Thankfully the sun was shining so I said to Mum ‘why don’t we use the whole garden instead of just the paving?’ So we did. We did our laps in the morning and then some more at lunchtime and even more at teatime. Mum said she felt like getting plenty of fresh air. It was an all round win. That was until she decided to have an afternoon nap. Now, I’m the first to agree to cuddling up on the settee as long as it means I’m getting fuss and attention. However, when it seems like Mum has fallen asleep I do get alarmed. If I’m on the inside of the settee by the wall, how am I going to get off without waking her?

Playing a trick

Mum also played a big of a trick on me. It was all part of the drinks test I’ve been doing. With the last of the three drinks she put some in a bowl separate from my food and then was set up to take a video to see whether I would leave my main meal in favour of the drink or not. You can find out what happened when I write it all up tomorrow.

Feeling left out

Dad is going for a walk with my Mama Susie and my sister Valeria today and I feel so jealous. I don’t know which I’m more upset about, missing my family, the fact they’ll be on my mountain or the snow. They do have quite a lot of snow at the moment and I really wish I was there in Switzerland with them. It has been so very long. You think it’s a long time to not be able to travel in human terms, but think just how much of a dog’s life it has been that we’ve been stuck here. I know that Mum misses seeing her parents, but I really miss seeing Mama Susie. I hope I can go soon, but Mum has warned me it could be quite a while yet.