Wildlife recognises me – Tuesday 26th January 2021

Wildlife recognises me

In our garden, the wildlife recognises me. It doesn’t go as far as calling ‘Good morning, Aristotle,’ when I go outside, but maybe that will come. All three of us use the back garden. Shadow and Wilma have a tendency to chase the birds. If they so much as get the scent of the squirrels they are looking for them everywhere. Me? I have a more of a live and let live attitude. It may be mingled with a bit of chasing anything is too much trouble, but for whatever reason I feel no need to bounce on anything small and furry or feathery.

Different behaviour

The interesting thing is that the wildlife has now accepted that I’m not a threat and can tell the difference between me and the girls. When Mum takes the girls outside, all other wildlife disappears from sight. She can sometimes hear them calling to each other and frankly some of what they are saying is probably rude, but they stay out of sight. When I go outside, they do look up from their perches, but then they carry on feeding as though nothing has happened. Mum says I should take it as a compliment. It does have its perks. It means if Mum wants to be around with her camera to see if any of them want their photos taken, then I can be out with her too. That, of course, will seem like more of a perk when the weather warms up.

Breakfast in Bed

We think the squirrels have been having breakfast in bed on the cold days. They only have to run down their tree to the squirrel feeder and then back up to their drey. They don’t even need to come as far as ground level unless they want a drink or the peanut kernels. Even the water is only a couple of meters from the bottom of their tree. They really have got quite a cushy number going here.

Squirrel coming for a drink

While it’s cold, I’m just going to watch them from my nice warm comfy spot indoors.




  1. Hello Ari, great to hear from you today. I must be like our Mum, as soon as I turn the corner past the bungalow all the animals and birds disappear. I sometimes bark which sends them on their way, or I do chase and I am very speedy when I want to be so they take cover. Not at the moment as we have ice on the patio. It is supposed to rain today so normal service will resume. Take care, Love you all Dickens X

    • Hi Dickens, Wilma here. Your brother is just plain lazy. He’s gone back to bed. I think you’re doing the right thing chasing everything. You are doing your job properly, unlike Aristotle!
      Have a lovely day
      Love Wilma

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