Sunday Monday Snow Day – Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Snow Day
Snow Day

Sunday Monday Snow Day

Well the week so far has gone Sunday Monday Snow Day. I said we should change the names of the days to match the weather. Mum said if it matched the weather we wanted then she liked Sunday the way it was. Even Shadow quite likes Snow Day, but she says the cold gets into her joints and she doesn’t like to stay out long. What really annoyed Mum is that now she isn’t counting the birds there are lots who didn’t bother turning up at the weekend. Dad says she could do her only little count every day, but she didn’t see the point.

Shadow’s birthday

It will be Shadow’s birthday on Saturday. I was talking to Mum about what we could get her. She is a bit down at the moment and so I wanted to do something that would cheer her up. Mum said I could buy her one of the brain games that we don’t have so that Shadow could test it for us. Sadly, the one I chose is from a company based in Ireland and Mum says because of Brexit there would be import charges. She let me email the company to ask where they send things from and I’m waiting to hear back.

Twelve Years Old

Shadow will be 12 years old. Mum says it has crept up on her. She was always the youngster while we still had Alfie. Somehow, Shadow will have reached the grand old age of eighty-four in human terms, which is pretty good going. Shadow only has two moods. She is either the happiest dog in the world or the grumpiest. She doesn’t have any middle setting – unless she’s asleep and then you really don’t want to be the one to wake her up! She had twenty-four children in total. Two didn’t make it through their first day and the other twenty-two grew up to be fine dogs. Sadly, two of them died last year, but there are still twenty of her children in the UK and four grandchildren.

I’d better think of a new idea for her present.