That sort of a day – Thursday 11th February 2021

That sort of a day

Yesterday was that sort of a day. The sort when the best laid plans of dog and human just don’t quite go to plan. It started with Mum’s computer crashing. There is little more likely to cause a worried frown on Mum’s face than that happening. I won’t bore you with the details, but she’s having to do some upgrades which is slowing everything down. Then today’s delivery arrived yesterday, which would have been fine if she hadn’t got to take Aristotle and Shadow to the vet. Oh, it was just like that all day. I won’t bore you. It was the sort of day when staying out of her way was by far the best option.

Shadow and Aristotle

Shadow went for her routine vaccinations and Ari had to have his kennel cough vaccination and have his heart checked. Most importantly, they behaved better than I do when I have to have a spray pushed up my nose. I’ve never worked out why you’d stick around for something like that. Apparently, the choice is not ours. On a brighter note, there is no change to Ari’s heart murmur. It is just a level one, maybe a little easier to hear but nothing much. Given he is clinically lazy we aren’t too worried about it. It’s not going to stop him doing anything he wanted to do – he didn’t want to do anything!

Just to prove the point. This is how long it can take Aristotle to decide to come when called. You can see him thinking.

Some excitement

On the exciting front, once the delivery comes out of quarantine we will have the new duvet. That is going to save so many arguments between Mum and me. She swears I pull it over to my side of the bed in the night. Funnily enough she makes the same complaint to Dad so I’m thinking she is probably the problem here. Although why she would move it all over to my side and leave herself cold, I really don’t know.