Dear Valentine – Sunday 14th February 2021

Dear Valentine - Wilma looking appealing
Wilma is here to say - Dear Valentine, have a lovely day.

Dear Valentine

Dear Valentine, I just want you to know that whoever you are and wherever you are, I love you. To be fair, I love almost everyone and everything so there really is a pretty good chance I’ll love you, even though I don’t know you. It’s a bit of a long winded way to say to you all today of all days know that you are loved and you are lovable. It’s a pretty hard time for lots of humans, dogs, cats and other domestic animals at the moment. There is a lot of extra stress and confusion. It can be easy if you are on your own to feel today is all the worse for being Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t have to be. You can still spoil yourself.

Breakfast in bed

I know it means getting up and getting it yourself, but if there’s no one else to do it for you, you can always get your own breakfast and take it back to bed. Mum’s planning to do that today. I’m planning to supervise and go with her. It’s not an entirely fair process as I am not being allowed to take my breakfast up with us. I’ve got to eat mine downstairs first. Humans can be so funny about rolling over onto dog kibble. I think it’s a bonus if I find any in bed. Mum doesn’t.

Dressing for Dinner

Mum is seeing Dad for dinner tonight. They will probably be on Zoom. They can’t be together but they are both eating a similar meal at the same time and they’re dressing for dinner. I just hope after all the chocolates that Mum has eaten that she can fit into anything other than her jeans and baggy jumpers. Oh, her pyjamas and dressing gown still fit too. I don’t think she was thinking of wearing those.

Whoever you are and wherever you are, whether you are spending today with a loved one or on your own. Have a lovely day and do something which makes you smile.




  1. Thank you Wilma. We love you and all your family. You keep us smiling every day. Hope the meal goes well tonight. I am hoping for some steak, paws crossed. Love to you all Dickens XXXXX

    • Aw thank you, Dickens. We love you too. Mum wouldn’t share her breakfast. That wasn’t the best start. Mind you, I do find it can take a while to get the marmalade off my whiskers.
      Love Wilma

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