How Close Can I Get? Sunday 21st February 2021

How close can I get?

The question on my lips yesterday morning was ‘how close can I get?’ Mum was still asleep. I had spent the night in my own bed. To be honest, she’s been tossing and turning so much she just keeps me awake and I need my beauty sleep. I woke up first and decided it was time for a cuddle. Admittedly, it was only six in the morning, so I may have been jumping the gun just a little bit. I was really good and stayed quiet. The first thing Mum knew was when I was wriggling down under the duvet next to her so we could be as close as possible. I was good, I had my head on the pillow. I learnt a while ago that humans hate turning over to find your bottom in their face. I can’t think why, but that’s the way it is.

The new duvet

It was the first time I’ve been under the new duvet. Mostly I’ve just been on top for the last week. Oh, my! It’s amazing. I am so going to be doing this on a regular basis. Mum says the duvet rustles a bit, but I can forgive it that for how cosy it is. I am a very happy, spoiled dog. Me and that duvet could really go places together.

A Sign of the Times

Mum has got it into her head that she wants to paint a sign to put on the corner of the garden that the squirrels have moved into. She’s got some spare wood and she’s got the right paint. There’s some left over from when she painted the signpost for the birds. She is thinking of the sign saying ‘Tufty, Nutkin and Nicole, Environmental Consultants’. I think she may now have lost the plot once and for all. In case you don’t understand the references, there was a road safety club when she was young called The Tufty Club – that, you’ve guessed it, used a squirrel to explain road safety. Squirrel Nutkin is a Beatrix Potter character and Nicole is the squirrel in Alfie’s Woods.



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