Spring is Springing – Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Spring is springing

Spring is springing and you know what they say, ‘you can’t keep a good crocus down’. Ok, so that may not be exactly what they say, but it will do for now. There are crocuses in the grass in front of the house. They have been trying to come through for a while, but every time they poke their little heads above the parapet, Shadow stomps on them. That’s the patch of grass she goes out to for toileting, when Mum doesn’t take her all the way around to the back of the house. All of a sudden yesterday, it was as though they were saying ‘enough is enough’ and whilst Shadow wasn’t looking, or more to the point peeing, they all came up and opened their flowers. I’m sure if I’d stayed and watched I would have been able to see them do it, they moved so fast. It was like the synchronised swimmers of the flower world.

Shadow’s response

Shadow being the grumpy dog she is, is quite ready to go and stomp on them all again. Mum thankfully sees things a little differently. She is now taking Shadow over to a different piece of grass that doesn’t have any bulbs planted in it. It’s a good job we only have sheep opposite as the sight of Mum in her pyjamas at five in the morning is probably enough to put anyone off.

Dawn Chorus

When I went out first thing, the birds were making a lot of noise and I do mean A LOT. It wasn’t one of those tuneful songs that you want to join in. It was raucous. As it turned out, there was a buzzard circling overhead, so I can’t really blame them. It was clearly getting an early start on the day. I just hope all our garden birds were safely tucked in and not anywhere they would be vulnerable. Mum would be very upset if they weren’t all there for breakfast.



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