Best laid Plans – Thursday 25th February 2021

Best laid plans

Well, the best laid plans of dog and Mum didn’t so much ‘gang aft agley’ as fail miserably. I was a good girl. I nagged Mum to go outside with me at regular intervals, until she resorted to finding the screwdriver to change the batteries in the parts of the weather station. She started with the thermometer. That was a horrible rusty mess and long past it’s best before date. The pattern was repeated with the rain gauge, with the added problem that two slugs and several spiders had also moved in and needed to be dislodged. I’m sorry to have to report, they are both headed for weather station heaven. As for the anemometer, which measures wind, that has a reprieve as it is in use to hang the fat balls that the birds eat! It can also act as a visual weather vane in the absence of being able to send its information back to the monitor in the kitchen.

Having more luck

Mum had more luck when it came to the outside clock. That is thankfully something she has been better disciplined about changing the batteries in. For the few short weeks until the clocks change, that is on the correct time. However, in March on the one paw, the clock in the workroom (which is too big to lift down) will once again be correct, but on the other paw, it is almost inevitable that the garden will move into a different time zone for a while.

Today’s job

My job today is to sort out my test and getting it ready to write up. I’m not sure whether Aristotle will be up for helping. I need to ask him. I suppose if I tell him there’s food involved then he will probably agree. At least he will if the treats are tasty enough. Mum has said I can do a frozen yoghurt one if I’m really good and that has to be an incentive.