Shadow is not well – Friday 26th February 2021

Shadow is not well

Shadow is not well. Mum had gone to bed and was all cosy under the duvet. To be honest, I was having my night time cuddle and didn’t want to be disturbed. That was when Shadow started barking. When I say barking, she was more crying, but I don’t want to split hairs. Mum said she’d better go. I said I wanted her to stay where she was. We argued about it for a while, as you do. Eventually, Mum put her foot down and went to see what Shadow needed. By that time, Shadow was crying because and upset that she hadn’t been able to wait any longer and had had an upset tum on the floor in the room she sleeps in – in several places, on the carpet!

Being understanding

Mum was very understanding and told Shadow it was not her fault. Mum said she very sorry and set about clearing up. It took a while and she took Shadow outside too, in case she needed to go again. By the time Mum came back to bed she wasn’t feeling quite so happy and cosy. We got off to sleep… for a while. Every two hours, Shadow started crying. After the first incident, Mum moved very quickly and took Shadow out. This carried on all through the night until the last time she needed to go at 7am yesterday.

Shadow then spent the whole day feeling really hungry and we’re waiting to see if she’s now ok or if the whole problem is continuing.

Poor old Shadow

Poor old Shadow, she hasn’t had problems for ages so we’re just hoping that all is well and it was an isolated incident. We would also like to catch up on some sleep. Mum says she needs to get the carpet cleaner out too, but it’s perhaps best I don’t go into details on that one.




  1. Oh Wilma,
    I feel for you all for having such a troubled night. Hope Shadow is better soon. You look after you mum.
    Luv Maria

    • Thank you. Shadow is improving, but for good measure I thought I’d get everyone up last night. Mum is not best pleased.

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