Resignation – Monday 1st March 2021


Shadow has pawed in her resignation as chief bird chaser. She won’t say if this is a temporary measure as she’s still not feeling well, or if she sees this as a permanent change. Mum was most taken aback when the pigeons enjoyed the garden undisturbed while Shadow was wandering around the garden. This is something which has never happened before and Mum realised she wasn’t altogether happy about the change. She likes Shadow’s sparky character, even if it is infuriating at times. Seeing her not having the energy or desire to chase things is a very sad state of affairs. She’s bright enough in herself and barking as much as usual. She still listens to the radio, but doesn’t like Bob Dylan.

How is she doing?

Mum is waiting to see how her tummy is as to whether she needs to go to the vet. She is doing much better, but not to put too fine a point on it, her poo is the wrong colour! Now, I know you won’t want me to go into too much detail, but this is not the colour it turns when her pancreas is playing up. Yesterday her poo was yellow. Quite bright yellow. If it is like that again today and it isn’t a one off she will be going to see our lovely vet. That can mean she is having some sort of liver problem. She’s drinking a lot too, so they could be connected. Poor old Shadow.

On the funny side

Of course, this is only funny if you’re not involved. Yesterday Mum was unloading the dishwasher while Shadow was having tea. Poor old Shadow really is in the wars and swallowed the wrong way. Mum of course rushed to make sure she was ok, and smashed a plate in the process. Shadow was fine, but the plate isn’t!




  1. Hi everyone, please pass on my best wishes and lots of love to my poorly Mum.
    I am thinking of her and hope she is better soon. Lots of love Dickens XXXXX

    • She says thank you, but doesn’t know what all the fuss is about. She says she’s feeling much better.
      Lots of love to you all

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