You can tell by the bark – Tuesday 2nd March 2021

You can tell by the bark

You can tell by the bark that Shadow is feeling much better. She’s still drinking more than normal, so Mum is monitoring her carefully, but she is her usual demanding and stroppy self. Normally, Mum gets a bit fed up when Shadow is being like that, but just for the minute Shadow is being forgiven. We were all hoping for some more spring weather so we could all enjoy some garden time together, but it seems to have turned rather cold again and neither Shadow nor Aristotle are as keen as I am.

Catching up

Mum has reached the point in the book she has been writing where she can have some time away from her desk. No one is happier about that than I am. She says she’s planning to catch up on all sorts of things, but thankfully reading is one of those things and I can help there. If Mum wants to use one hand to hold a book, that’s fine as long as the other one is still available to rub my tummy. If it’s warm enough we could even sit outside while she does some of the jobs, but she says she draws the line at sitting outside when it’s minus two.

Getting comfortable

The picture at the top is me getting comfortable in bed. Ok, I’ll accept it’s not really my bed, but it was available and needed to be kept company. What I don’t understand is why humans make a big thing about us getting into their beds. We never object if they want to get into ours. It stands to reason that as intelligent dogs, we’re going to find the comfiest spot in the house to sleep. Why, on that basis would I not make the most of an empty space in the bed?



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