Brain games go wrong – Thursday 4th March 2021

Brain games go wrong

It seems brain games go wrong. The question in our house is ‘how did she do it?’ You may wonder who and what! It’s Shadow, she still loved her meals out of her kibble dispenser. She gets into quite a strop if Mum just puts food in her bowl. She also gets into a strop when she loses it under something and can only dream of her breakfast. Anyway, it was yesterday lunchtime that she had Mum completely confused. When her dispenser gets stuck, she calls for Mum to help. Mum knows what the problem is as she uses a different (and might I say very insistent) bark for this.

Where is it?

She called Mum at lunchtime yesterday, so Mum did the usual look around her room. It wasn’t behind the table. Incidentally, that coffee table looked a lot less wonky before Shadow chased the ball around her room. One of the legs doesn’t look long for this world!

The other places to look are: behind the dog bed – it wasn’t there, under the settee – it wasn’t there, and under the side table – it wasn’t there. Mum had crawled all around the floor and apparently the food dispenser had disappeared.

Which brings me back to…

That just brings me back to my first question – how did she do it? Clearly, brain games can go wrong. She had managed to get the ball behind the television. It does not look possible for it to get through the gap at the side, so unless she has learnt how to kick it, much as they do in the game of rugby, and send it over the top, we have no idea what happened. The worry is that it’s rather more than the coffee table which as at risk of injury in there. Shadow has already pulled her Alexa off the shelf once this week. It seems nothing is safe.



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