Under Supervision Again – Sunday 7th March 2021

Under Supervision Again

I’m under supervision again and I don’t think it’s fair. Mum has been working on planting her vegetable seeds. So far the parsnips and fennel have gone in. I’m not that interested in seeds so it’s not a big deal… yet. However, then she added the fertilizer. Oh don’t worry, I’m not having some odd fetish leaving me wanting to go near chemicals. All of Mum’s gardening is done organically. She is very very fussy about the vegetables being organic, but I won’t bore you with all of that. What I will tell you is that one of the fertilizers she uses is kelp. We like kelp. She used to give it to Alfie and when Shadow’s coat was in poor condition she had it too.

Serve Yourself

I’d like some kelp. If Mum isn’t going to offer some to me, then I reckon the least she can expect is that I get my own. Now, she has a big pot of it that she uses for us, but it has a screw top lid and I can’t get that off. I can however, as you know, jump into the vegetable troughs and help myself. And that is why I’m under supervision. Mum wants the rain to wash it in rather than water it in. You would think watering was obvious, but the water butt has a hole in it and all the rainwater has leaked away. Why not use tap water? We’re back to the whole organic gardening thing again!


The bad news is there’s no rain forecast for a couple of days. That means I have to avoid giving in to temptation – which is not my strong point! Not even a little bit. Mum is watching me very carefully, which frankly is a nuisance as it stops me doing a lot of other things too, such as eating the squirrels nuts. It’s going to be a long couple of days.