One week to go – Monday 15th March 2021

One week to go

There is one week to go until Dad comes home. Before that can happen, he has to go to get a test to make sure he’s fit to travel. I laughed when he told me. Humans become more like us dogs every day. Actually, by the time he finished describing what he has to do, I was beginning to think the process for pet travel is easy by comparison. What Mum has said is that the regulations for pets are clearer to understand and more specific than the ones for humans. You would think someone would be wording all of them in such a way that they were very easy to understand.

Preparations at home

In the meantime, I’m helping with the preparations at home. Mum and I are moving bedroom today as long as Mum gets some of the cleaning done. I have to check all corners for spiders and deal with any I find. I have the most important job in the house. I have also promised that I won’t eat the food that Mum is ordering for Dad. It’s a shame as I like bananas and I’ve missed having them around. Shadow has agreed to share the yoghurts, which is very generous of her.

Differences between dogs and humans

A dog would simply get excited about their beloved human coming home, as in fact we are. We would do nothing other than wait and then throw ourselves at them. By contrast Mum is getting excited by replacing all the dead lightbulbs around the house and correcting the time on the kitchen clock. Why she thinks any of those show how much she loves Dad I have no idea. It’s one of the things about a human that a dog will never understand.



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