Another Move – Wednesday 17th March 2021

Another move

Another day another move. You would think we were acting out the story of Goldilocks. We changed bedroom so that Mum could get the bedroom ready for Dad’s quarantine. Now we’ve changed again. Do you remember the wardrobe incident? The one where Mum had to take the wardrobe out because of everything being mouldy? Well, it turns out that whilst the problem is sorted, the smell is not. That room is going to need to be completely aired and the duvet and bed covers aired too. After one difficult night, Mum said we’d be better somewhere else.

The funny thing

That led to a funny thing. Mum pulled out the settee bed in the office to clean underneath it before making up the bed. Now, I know there are three of us that live here, but it did rather look as though a fourth dog was living under the bed, judging by all the hair she found. As a breed we don’t shed much. It begs the question when did Mum last clean underneath that settee bed? Sometime never is my best guess. The office is a lot cleaner than it was and we have all been asked to leave our spare coats outside. I suggested knitting it into a jumper, but I could see Mum wasn’t keen on the idea.

Why the office?

There is another bedroom in the house, but that has been in the middle of being decorated for a long time now. Mum blames the wardrobe for that too. She was on a roll decorating when the wardrobe incident intervened and somehow she’s not quite got back to it. I live in an odd household. I’m seriously thinking of moving out until Mum can get things a bit straighter. I like to know where I am and sleeping in a different room every day is confusing.



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