Oh Aristotle – Thursday 18th March 2021

Oh Aristotle

Oh Aristotle what are we going to do with you? Mum took him to the vet yesterday. Not to put too fine a point on it, he’s been having blood in his poo. Not like when Shadow does, but the poo being black. Mum is concerned that he’s got a slight bleed somewhere, but it only happens every few days. Anyway, the vet has suggested he has a scan so he’s going in for that on Monday. While he was there though she checked his heart. His murmur has got worse. It’s gone from a grade one to a grade three, which is quite a lot of change in a short time. He’s going to have that scanned while he’s there so we can find out if he needs any treatment.

The funny thing

The funny thing was when the vet asked if Mum had noticed any change in him wanting to exercise. That question always makes Mum laugh where Aristotle is concerned. He’s the laziest dog we know. Even when he goes out for a walk he asks to come home as soon as he’s been to the toilet. How he comes to count as a working dog is beyond us. He’s more suited to desk based work than anything which involves movement. Mum said if he slowed down any more then he wouldn’t bother getting out of bed at all.

He is however the cuddliest dog and very attached to Mum. He didn’t want to go into the vet’s without her and was very happy to see she was still there when he came out.

Sunny spot

What Aristotle does best is find a sunny spot and then lie in it. He loves where is crate is now as that gets the sun during the day. The biggest problem is that he keeps wanting to go back to his crate to make the most of it. Mum says she wouldn’t change him and it wouldn’t do for us all to be the same.




  1. Message for Ari, Hi mate sorry to hear you are not well at the moment. Do hope you are feeling better soon. I will get my Mum to check the daily diary to see how you are getting on. I know your lovely Vet will look after you. All the best Dickens – woof, woof!

    • He says thank you, but he feels absolutely fine and doesn’t know what the fuss is about. I said he should play it for sympathy, but he just shrugged.
      Love to you all

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