K9 Connectables Kibble Connector – Saturday 20th March 2021

Kibble Connector

We have shown you other feeders but this week we’re using the K9 Connectables Kibble Connector. I’ve been doing the test, but Mum says I have to pass it over to Shadow now so that she can use it going forward.

Ease of use

It’s very easy to use. It unscrews and there is a container in the middle for the food. You can change the settings for how much comes out and how easy it is and that is on the inside so harder for the dog to change on their own. The other really cool thing is that although there are a number of holes the food can come out of, you can add some of the other connectors to make it more interesting. That makes it slower and gives a dog something to chew on, but it also stops it rolling and from my point of view, I found that annoying.

Good and bad points

The good points apart from ease of use are that it can go in the dishwasher to get it nice and clean and it is big enough not to get stuck under the furniture. That last point is the reason it is now going to Shadow. Mum is really fed up with Shadow calling her every five minutes to rescue her current dispenser from wherever she has got it stuck.

On the downside apart from the connectors stopping it rolling, I managed to open the ball. Mum did think it closed with a satisfying click, but using my nose and a paw I found it very easy to undo the ball and then could get all the food quickly. That occurred to me after I got fed up with chasing it around the floor, so it did keep me going for a while before that.

Mum thinks Shadow is less likely to undo the ball, but I wouldn’t bank on it.


It’s fun. You could combine frozen treats in the connectors with the main meal and really have some fun with it. I think Shadow is going to love it.

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Love Wilma