Friday afternoon dog – Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Friday afternoon dog

Ari is a Friday afternoon dog. Now, if you aren’t in the UK that may be a description you don’t know. A Friday afternoon product has everything wrong with it. It was made when the manufacturers were rushing to go home. It all started with blood in his poo and, let’s be honest, we’re still not completely sure about the cause of that. His heart murmur has got worse and he’s got a similar problem to the one his Mum developed at his sort of age. The good news is there is no enlargement of the heart and he doesn’t need any meds. He’s also got a leaky valve, but not causing any great problem.

Furry gallbladder

Apparently he’s got a furry gallbladder, although no one quite knows what causes those. It might be behind the poo thing, but not necessarily. He’s already on a low fat diet so that’s covered. He has a nodule on his spleen too, but so does his Mum and hers hadn’t changed at all when she was rescanned so not necessarily anything to worry about. Then there are his lungs which look like they might have some marks, but it’s not that clear on an ultrasound and an x ray might be better.

What next?

Basically, he’s still our lovely cuddly and very lazy Aristotle. However, his thyroid levels are being tested and we’re waiting for the results on those and he has to have another scan in three months to see if anything has changed, and possibly an xray or CT scan. All in all, he says he’s absolutely fine and was very happy to come home for his food. He hates missing a meal. He’s just our big cuddly teddy bear and we hope it stays that way for a very long time yet.

Love Wilma