New Food – Saturday 27th March 2021

New food

I know it’s supposed to be canine enrichment day but you’’ have to make do with hearing about new food. Mum is not well and she asked if I’d mind skipping a week as she has to help me with the videos and photos when we set up a demonstration. Enough of that, I like talking about food.

Aristotle’s blood tests

Aristotle’s blood tests had good news and bad news. Whilst his thyroid is fine, it turns out he has high fat levels in his blood. It’s something called Primary Hyperlipidaemia. (I had to look up how to spell it and even Mum is having difficulty saying it right.) Our lovely vet suggested he changed to a lower fat food to see if that helps, but otherwise he may need medication. It is probably what is causing both his furry gallbladder and the blood in his poo. It can lead to pancreatitis too and he’s had that before now.

How low can you go?

The Eukanuba we have is quite low fat at only 14%. That’s lower than most dog foods. Because Ari and I are pigs we also have some Royal Canin Satiety mixed in. That’s a food that Betsie recommended to us, which is very good for weight loss. (Hi, Betsie, hope you’re ok.) Anyway, that has a 9.5% fat content. Shadow is on a special food due to her pancreatitis problems. She has Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Sensitivity Control. Shadow’s food is only a 9% fat content – so we’re going down!

Lowest of the low new food

Mum did some more research and has found an even lower one. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastro Intestinal. This one is only 7%. This is the one Ari will try. He’ll be starting on it tomorrow. After a month he will have to have another blood test to see if it has made a difference. The good news is that he can still have his Bonio – otherwise he’d have been a very unhappy dog.

Now here’s my point

How does this all affect me? Well of course I’m concerned for Aristotle. However, it also means I have to eat up the rest of his Eukanuba. I know I shouldn’t mind that as it’s much the same as mine but his is SENIOR! I’m not that old. I’m still trying to convince myself I look young. Ok, so I’ll be six next birthday. I know that’s hard to believe. Having to eat food for an older dog is doing nothing for my self-esteem. Perhaps I could have bigger portions so that I get through it faster.



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  1. Good morning Wilma! I’m very well thanks. My mum reads your blog to me every day, so I keep up with your news. I’m hoping that we will meet one day once this horrible virus is under control.
    Lots of love and sniffs
    Betsy xx

    • Hi Betsy, so lovely to hear from you. Hopefully we can meet up before too long

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