Containing our Excitement – Sunday 28th March 2021

Containing our excitement

We’re containing our excitement but it isn’t easy. Dad is more than half way through his quarantine and we’re all getting excited. He has to do one more Covid_19 test on Tuesday and as long as that comes back negative then he can be part of the family again. I shall be waiting outside his room, ready to welcome him. Ari and Shadow will have to wait downstairs to say hello, but they are going to be just as excited as I am if not more. Dad can’t wait either. I think shutting himself away is starting to wear a bit thin. Actually, what he’s really upset about is that the internet connection isn’t so good in the room he’s in and there is no television.

Life will change

Of course there will be good and bad to the changes. On the bright side we will all get to spend our evenings in the lounge curled up in front of the television. We don’t tend to do that when it’s just Mum and us. On the downside, Mum says they have a long list of jobs that need doing and I for one am not putting my paw up for those. I might grudgingly offer to help with the outdoor ones, but I’m not certain, besides that’s Ari’s domain.

Going out

Mum has promised they will go out for some walks as soon as she’s well enough. Hopefully that will be soon. If she walked far now she’d be asleep for the rest of the day, which isn’t ideal. It’s time to be positive though. There are times that believing everything is going to be better is half the battle and we’re all working on that right now.

So our motto for the week – Believe that better times are Just around the corner.