Fifteen Years – Friday 2nd April 2021

Me greeting Dad

Fifteen Years

Today is a fifteen years flashback. I looked at what Alfie was writing about in 2007 and he was talking about the year before. Well, after I read this, I had to ask Mum all about it.

Two Days Running 2007

Well dear reader it is a year ago today (and yesterday) that my master asked my mistress to marry him. Well it was a year ago yesterday but she told him as it was April Fool’s day he had better ask her again the following day. Fortunately, he didn’t change his mind and the rest, as they say, is history.

Was Alfie there fifteen years ago?

I asked Mum what happened and was Alfie part of it? Apparently, the first time he asked her it was in their home office in their house in Belgium. The important thing was that Alfie was there. Of course they didn’t leave him out. At that point he was their only dog. He was part of everything. The following day, Alfie took them both for a walk in the woods he loved so much, so they could do it all again properly. Dad even went down on one knee in the mud. For some reason that has stuck in Mum’s mind. I wish I’d asked Alfie about it while he was still alive.

Fencing the Rabbits 2009

I did look at other things Alfie wrote about on this day. Two years later he was concerned about the security measures needed for the arrival of 2 pet rabbits. Of course, this is another one where you need the whole story. It turned out when they arrived that Alfie had a bit of a rabbit obsession. For their own safety they had to be returned to the store withing 24 hours. He had no idea at that stage.

No Escape

All garden exits have now been secured, there is no means of escape of Me, Shadow or the rabbits. Not only do we have the inner fencing but the perimeter fence has also been secured. I’m not about to liken our garden to Colditz, but if you’re going to set up this level of security you’re just asking for someone to come along with an escape plan. All we need now is Rambo the sheep to move in the paddock behind the garden and the look will be complete.

Well that’s all from me for today.




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