April and it snowed – Tuesday 6th April 2021

April and it snowed

Well it’s April and it snowed yesterday – I didn’t see that coming. Not real Swiss sort of snow but that pretend English stuff that catches you when you weren’t expecting and then just disappears. All it left us with was the cold bit. Where’s the fun in that? I couldn’t roll in it. I couldn’t eat it. One minute it was there and the next minute it was gone. It was horribly windy all day and felt as though it could have snowed some more, but just didn’t bother. On the bright side it made it the perfect day to curl up in bed and snuggle. I’m told I’m pretty good at that. It’s always nice to be good at things you enjoy most.

Living her best life

With Dad home, Shadow is really living her best life at the moment. She is walking tall with her tail high in the air and looking very pleased with herself. She still grumbles if she has to have time in her room away from him but that’s the problem with her not coping with stairs. Thankfully she does need to sleep more, now she’s older. It means she is a little bundle of joy whenever Dad is around and then sleeps when he isn’t.

It is also helping that when there are both Dad and Mum there, she doesn’t fight with Aristotle. When it’s only Mum Shadow just can’t bear Ari getting any attention and can be quite mean to him. He tends to just bark at her, which at least means she backs off, but does make life noisy. It’s nice to see them getting on better. Mum says that Shadow never wanted us to keep Aristotle when he was little, but I really don’t understand what she’s got against him. As his mother, you’d have thought she’d be pleased that he stayed.