Winter or spring? – Thursday 8th April 2021

Winter or Spring?

We’ve got a new guessing game called ‘Winter or spring?’ Every morning before we go outside, Mum says we have to guess whether it’s going to be like winter or spring outside. To be fair, it’s been quite easy this week and it’s definitely been winter. By later in the day some parts of the garden do feel a little more like spring and the magnolia is making a valiant effort to come out. It is sadly showing some frost damage, but at least it’s trying. The blossom it taking longer to make up its mind, but it’s trying. The cherry fruit trees will get there soon and the apples are putting in a lot of effort. I’m rooting for the apples as I do like to eat their fruit.

Mum thinks it would be better if I preferred pears. We have two pear trees and she doesn’t even like their fruit. She’s also suggested I leave the cider apples alone. There is a possibility they will be a little bitter.

Paws crossed

I’ve got my paws well and truly crossed at the moment. If things go to plan there will be two matings of our dog breed in the UK this week. Two in the same week. I’m beside myself with excitement. Mum says I need to remain calm as there is a lot that can go wrong, but I really hope everything works out. I need a fun day soon too so I can meet all the new dogs who I haven’t been able to see so far. You can have as many Zoom calls as you like, but they just don’t smell right – mainly they smell of whatever Mum has dropped in the keyboard while she’s working, which would have been far better if it had still been fresh.