Doves are Stupid – Sunday 11th April 2021

Doves are stupid

I don’t mean to be unkind, but doves are stupid. ‘Bird brain’ just isn’t a good enough description for their behaviour. This is the third year running that they have tried to build a nest on top of the outside light. They may of course be the cause of the outside light stopping working, but that hasn’t helped their cause. The problem is that there is not enough space to build a proper nest. Worse than that, invariably when the wind blows it dislodges what they have built. We have a pattern. They carry a few pathetic twigs up to the light and sit on them. They move away for a short while and the nest blows off. They start again.

Not listening

Oh, Mum has tried talking to them about it. They just aren’t listening. They say they like that spot. They feel safe and have a good view. This is not going to end well for them. If they try to raise a family there then there’s little hope of any eggs staying up there, which would be a dreadful shame.

By contrast, the wren seems to be doing a better job. She has found a home in a bush in the front garden and spends some of her daytimes hopping around on the ground in front of the window of Shadow’s room. Mum loves standing there watching her. She seems to feel completely safe being so close to Mum with a pane of glass between.


Meanwhile, one of the squirrels is being a big naughty. He (I’m assuming it’s a boy) has pulled a hole in the bird feeder to make it easier to get the peanuts out. I said Mum should complain, but she’s choosing to turn a blind eye. She enjoys watching them so much that she is prepared to forgive him. I must find out what the secret is. When I behave badly and destroy things, I get told off!



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