Musical Chairs – Saturday 17th April 2021

Musical Chairs

I’m better at musical chairs than Mum. Oh I did have fun in the garden with them yesterday afternoon. Every time Mum went to sit on the chair, I jumped on behind where she was about to sit. I can move faster than she does. She never actually missed the seat altogether but it was pretty close. I wasn’t trying to hurt her, I was just hoping for a cuddle. Then I’d rush back to cuddle dad and alternate between the two.

Mum was unwinding after her dental trip. She’s actually got to go again in six weeks, so she wasn’t thrilled.

Walk plans

I am so excited about today. Dad has persuaded Mum that now she’s managing to cope with going out a little bit we should try going for a walk somewhere else. This could mean going somewhere with exciting smells, which of course I put my paw up for. I have to wait to see how tired Mum is first, but I’m feeling impatient. Then it’s just a question of arguing our way through the options. I know the sort of things that Mum likes so I’ve got a plan. It will do us all good.

In trouble

I was actually in trouble again yesterday. You know I took the opportunity to pee in Shadow’s room while she’s not here? Well, as I told you, Mum got the carpet cleaner out and cleaned everywhere in there. Now the carpet’s dry so yesterday she was putting things back in place and she forgot to close the gate. Sometimes a girl sees an opportunity! I peed on the clean carpet in Shadow’s room. I know it was childish, but I couldn’t help myself. Now Mum has the carpet cleaner out again. I don’t think she’ll forget to close that dog gate this time.




  1. Wilma, please, do me the favour and tell me this carpet-peeing stories are not true. Please.

    • Oh Mama, I’m so sorry, it’s completely true. I know you brought me up better than that. I don’t know what got into me. I promise I’ll try to be good.
      Your ever loving daughter

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