Five Years in the Top Ten – Thursday 22nd April 2021

Five Years in the Top Ten

We are celebrating five years in the top ten UK pet blogs. We heard from Vuelio yesterday that we are still at number seven, the same place as last year and we are delighted. Alfie would be very proud to know I’m managing to continue what he started all those years ago. I drank a toast in Alfie’s honour yesterday. I asked for wine, we settled on water, but as Mum was on lemon squash I got off lightly. I think Dad drank wine for all of us. So, here’s to the next five years of being at the top and we hope you continue to enjoy the news and everyday matters that we bring to you.

Restart of the howling

Shadow and Ari came home yesterday. Mum got everything the wrong way around. She didn’t pick them up until a little later than they normally have their tea. Shadow was hungry. Now that is easy to fix – feed her. The problem is that Shadow has to have her tablet at least half an hour before eating. I can confirm that Shadow can howl very loudly for a sold thirty minute stint. That’s quite impressive by anyone’s standards. It’s a good job we live in a rural area and not too close to other people.

A murder has occurred

Mum has asked all of us where we were between 3.15pm and 5.30pm yesterday afternoon. That bit was easy. Then she asked if any of us had seen any unusual activity in the garden. Sadly there has been a murder. There’s not enough of the dove or pigeon to be quite certain which it is, so Mum will be doing a roll call this morning as soon as she goes out. She can only conclude it was a bird of prey from the scene of devastation and she’s not happy. She’s desperately hoping it is not the tame doves she’s been talking to most days. I hate to tell her, the fact they are so tame may just have sealed their fate.



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