Unacceptable Behaviour – Saturday 24th April 2021

Unacceptable behaviour

I want to talk to you about unacceptable behaviour. Now, look at the photograph and tell me what’s wrong with it? Obviously there are two things that jump out. I’m hoping in finding an answer you haven’t gone for that old chestnut of dogs shouldn’t be begging at the table, because that is not what is unacceptable here. Firstly, where am I in this photo? I wasn’t even in the room when it was taken. How is that fair? Ok, so I had had a bit of an argument with Shadow and had been told to leave her alone, but these things happen.

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This brings me to the second point. Why haven’t we dogs been given our own chairs at the table and our own place settings? It is just not fair. Why are we not treated as equals around here? We should not be regarded as second class citizens just because we are dogs. On the whole we are treated very well in this house. We get pretty much everything a dog could ask for – although I am on a diet and it’s killing me. Thinking about it, that may be another reason I wasn’t allowed to join the others for dinner.


It is so much easier when Mum and Dad eat outside. As you’ve seen I simply help myself to a chair then and no one can argue. Inside the other dining chairs are tucked under the table and much as I’ve tried I can’t position them quite correctly in relation to the table without starting to knock things over. At least the weather is due to be good over the weekend so I’ll be able to grab a chair before anyone objects.

Wilma is very concerned about some unacceptable behaviour in the house. She isn't talking about her own peeing in Shadow's room either.

I’m off to see if anyone has dropped any crumbs.