Lost her voice – Tuesday 27th April 2021

Me watching Mum work

Lost her Voice

Shadow has lost her voice. She has been barking far too much. It’s funny, Alfie was about the same age when he lost his voice. Mum says it’s weird. It sounds very hoarse sometimes and not there at all at others. Mum is worried that she won’t hear when Shadow needs to go out in the night, so I’ve been asked to alert her if needed. I can do that. Poor Shadow it is so hard for her at times, but then she is so demanding that she does drive us all nuts too. Mum has promised when we move that her office will not be up any stairs. That way Shadow can spend all day in the office and will hopefully be much happier. I guess she’ll still moan, that’s her way.


Mum has asked me to find some photos of all three of us to enter into our Club photo competition. It’s always fun to go back through the last year. The sad part is it being the first year with no new photos of Alfie. We have four categories that we can enter. One is for our age, so there are always ones for that. One is with nature, but it’s been an odd year and we haven’t been to so many places. Then there is action – which rules Aristotle out as he doesn’t do action. Finally there is comical dogs. Now, here’s the problem.

Too much choice

When it comes to me and Shadow we seem to pull funny faces or do odd things at regular intervals. I have too many photos to choose from for that category. Mum says the one with me in the vegetable trough is the best, but I’m not so sure. Shadow just spends half her life looking goofy, all we have to do is press the trigger. I have to decide by Saturday and it’s sooo hard.



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