Watching the garden – Thursday 29th April 2021

Watching the garden

Yesterday was exhausting just watching the garden. It turned out it had just been waiting for some rain so it could burst into life. Every time I left my spot by the window more leaves appeared on the trees and more blossom. Mum went out to the front of the house and quite suddenly the wisteria had come out. The squirrels must have decided spring was well and truly here too as they were running all over the garden and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. I do hope when we move we will have a nice garden so I can carry on chasing squirrels. I did suggest to Mum that we could take them with us, but she doesn’t think we’re allowed to do that.

Shadow’s voice

Thankfully Shadow’s lost voice is nothing more than overuse. That will teach her to spend so much of her time barking. You would think it was quiet around here while she recovers, but it’s amazing how much noise she can still make and she does sound very pitiful. Ari went to the vet for a follow up blood test too. Now we’re waiting for his results. He’s feeling very pleased with himself as the vet said he’s lost some weight. I told him to go away. Why does he find it easy to lose weight and I don’t?

A Little worried

I am a little worried. Mum is planning to put some of our spare things into store so the house is not so cluttered. I didn’t think anything of it until she said, “You’re not really using that bed, Wilma, I think that can go.” I know I cannot sleep in all my dog beds at once, but does she not realise how attached to them I feel? You can’t just be parted from them at a moment’s notice. I’m going to have to have a serious word with her and see if we can come to an arrangement.

Love Wilma

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