Squirrels at play – Saturday 1st May 2021

Squirrels at play

I think we need a little warning sign saying ‘Squirrels at play’. I’m starting to think one of them has found something to chew on in the garden that gets it high. I’m nicknamed ‘Wild Wilma’ but I’m positively tame in comparison. Mum would have videoed it but she didn’t think you would get the full effect from the distance we were watching from. First it ran up the magnolia and used that to build up speed downhill and back up the cherry tree. After a somersault or two, it went to the blueberry – where, might I tell you, it stripped the flowers off the branches, so that’s the blueberry crop reduced.

Getting stuck

After the blueberry it was back to the magnolia. At one point in flipping over it seemed to get its foot stuck between two branches so was dangling upside down for a while as it extricated itself. Anyway, it kept doing circuits of that and the porch of the summerhouse. There were some loop-the-loops over the hanging baskets and repeat. One of the other squirrels was simply sitting on the bird feeder eating peanuts during the whole show as though what was going on was normal behaviour, but even in my book that was not normal.

Tough choice

It’s one of those weekends where there are no good options. I can choose between helping with some decorating or going to the tip. Frankly, I don’t really want to do either. At least with decorating I’m out and about, so I guess I’ll go for that. If it’s not too wet outside I think Mum is planning to do some of the jobs in the garden, so maybe it won’t be so bad. I might just try to see if I can find what the squirrel has been eating. What could possibly go wrong?



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