Ears – Sunday 2nd May 2021


Shadow’s ears may not be quite so much of a problem as Mum had thought. One of them looks as though it is blocked rather than the fact she is deaf. Shadow did have drops for it a while ago, but whatever the problem was seems to have returned. Mum is gently cleaning it every day to try to improve the situation and it’s just possible that she does have some hearing in it underneath all the wax. The other ear looks fine, so we think she probably is deaf in that one, but even if one was working it would be better than at present. However, so far it has not stopped her howling at regular intervals.

Put in my place

I have been put in my place. When the other two went into kennels recently, I did enjoy being an only dog. Now they are back I have been a bit naughty some of the time. I’m back to barking when Mum tries to talking to people on the phone. Mum sat me down and said enough was enough and she won’t tolerate it anymore. I’ve been told I either remember my manners or I’m going to lose out. I was rather hoping to get a treat or two out of it, but it seems that is not going to happen. I’d better get my act together. Peeing in Shadow’s room AGAIN didn’t help!

Fun Days

I heard my humans talking about the possibility of the return of our fun days. I can’t wait. I’m a very sociable dog and the thought of seeing my friends is making me very excited. I just love having a good old run and chase and I’ve missed it so much. I do hope it will be soon. Mum doesn’t feel quite so ready, but I certainly do.



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