Office beds – Tuesday 4th May 2021

Office beds

I ended up in a big discussion with Mum yesterday about my office beds. It didn’t go well. Mum and Dad are tidying the house up so they can sell it. Mum seems to think that means it needs to be less cluttered. The conversation went something like this:

Mum: “Wilma, which of the office beds can I put away?”

Me: “None of them, obvs!”

Mum: “How can you need three beds in one room?”

Me: “Because there are three of us, doh!”

Being rude

That was where it started to go downhill. Mum told me off for saying ‘obvs’ as I was being rude and she said the ‘doh’ was the final straw. I tried again.

Me: “Because there are three of us, me, Shadow and Ari. That’s only one bed each.”

Mum: “Shadow can’t get up the stairs to the office, she doesn’t need a bed.”

Me – sighing heavily: “Because I like different beds for different things. The one in the window means I can look outside. The chair is my favourite for when I really want to sleep and the one under your desk when I want to be close to you – and Ari likes that one too.”

Not my day

Sadly, Mum wasn’t having any of it. Now one of us has to break it to Ari that it’s his favourite that’s going into storage and I’ve saved the two I use most often. He’s a laid back kind of guy, he’d want me to be happy.

The next complication is that Mum has asked me to stop putting my nose on the window now that she’s cleaned it. Quite honestly if she’d have wanted that to happen she should have taken the bed by the window away. How can I stop myself when I’m squirrel watching? It just happens. Anyway, I’m sure they aren’t all my nose marks. Some of them must be Aristotle.



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