Sunflower planting – Saturday 8 May 2021

Sunflower planting

My weekend is mainly about sunflower planting, how about you? Finally – and I do mean finally, Wilma has got off the computer and let me have a go. As I am the gardening dog of the family, gardening is what I’m going to talk about. In our village we have a sunflower growing competition. Now, you may find this next bit hard to believe. Our Mistress was the one who wrote the instructions on how to grow them. Why is that so odd? Last year, not one of her ten seeds even germinated. That’s a pretty sad record.

My help

This year, I have offered my advice and help. I will be watching over our Mistress while she does the planting. None of this – stick them in the ground and hope for the best – this year! There might be one small problem as a result of moving house. We might not actually be here by the time they flower. I said we should just have it written into the house sale contract that the new owner had to give proper care to my sunflowers. It could even go on the page after what food the squirrels and birds like and what time they want to be fed. These things are important.

Fair weather gardener

There could be one problem with my weekend plan. I’m a bit of a fair weather gardener. To be honest, I’m a fair weather sort of a dog. I’ve never been a big fan of wet, except to drink. I like my home comforts and whilst I’m a mountain dog by birth, I do like a bit of comfort, warmth and being dry. Ok, I may have had a gilded life with a little more luxury than is good for me, but I am not going to complain. I’m happy that way.




  1. Hi Ari, good to hear from you.I was interested to hear about your love of gardening. I am not a gardener but I like to look at the plants and flowers that grow in mine.Our granddaughters have planted some sunflower seeds in pots to get them started and they will put them in their garden when they are bigger. Two mallard ducks keep flying in and swimming in our pond! Dad loves them but I think it is risky as we have big crows about and they are not too friendly. It is a horrible day here, very wet. Love to you all. Dickens XXXX

    • Hey, bro, good to hear from you. Gardening is a great excuse to be outside. I get all the perks as mostly I can be trusted to help rather than digging the wrong things up. You wouldn’t believe some of the things our mum has done over the years. She ate every primrose our Mistress planted one year. We have some ducks who try to swim in the bird bath. I like the squirrels best. I’m the only one who doesn’t chase them so they don’t run off when they see me. Have a great weekend love Ari.

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