Now we wait – Sunday 9th May 2021

Aristotle gets a helping hand

Now we wait

The sunflower seeds are in and now we wait. I did make our Mistress wait until late afternoon before I agreed to plant them. I don’t think even she was happy at the prospect of going out in the pouring rain earlier in the day. We do hope that whoever buys our house likes sunflowers, otherwise it will have been a waste of effort. I’m pleased to say my parsnips have come through as well. Unfortunately, as our Mistress plans to take that planter with us when we move they may well come to a tragic and premature end and not fulfil their potential. Such is the way of things.

Not really sure

If I’m being honest, I’m not really sure about this whole moving thing. I don’t know that my needs are being taken into account. I was born in this house. I think of the utility as my roots. I’m happy here. I’m happy with my vet and I’m happy with my kennels. I’ve worked hard with our Mistress in our garden. I’ve invested a lot of myself here.

My requirements

I have asked that my specific requirements and needs are put near the top of the list. I do need windows that are low enough so I can look out. I’d really rather like underfloor heating too. Obviously I want an interesting garden – that’s more important to me than surrounding area walks. I also want a quiet corner of the house where I can get away from the others. Even I think my mother (Shadow) barks way too much. Oh I need to approve the kitchen too as I do like to be around when there’s cooking going on. I’m a simple dog at heart. In an ideal world our Mistress would sleep downstairs so we could all sleep with her, but she has already warned us that the houses they like make that unlikely – which is a shame.

At the end of the day, this whole process is very unsettling for a dog.