Hang on a minute – Tuesday 11st May 2021

Hang on a minute

Now hang on a minute but this can’t be right. Mum and Dad have found some houses they want to look at as I was telling you. Anyway, they are trying to sort out when they can go. I said, ‘Give me a minute and I’ll check my diary.’ As you know, I’m a busy girl and I do have things already booked in. That was when they dropped the bomb shell. I am not included in the initial visit. How can they consider deciding where we are going to live without me sniffing it out with them? It’s unthinkable. I was expecting to be representing the views of all three of us. I’m Mum’s sidekick. I go everywhere with her… except house hunting.


Oh we’ve all sat around the dog bed and drawn up our list of prerequisites. We want a bigger garden, with trees and wildlife. Shadow wants underfloor heating to lie on. We don’t want lots of stairs so that Shadow can’t be part of everyday activities, you know the sorts of things. One of the houses we looked at seemed perfect, except for needing some better fencing, I’d marked that as an action point for Mum. It LOOKED perfect, down a narrow country lane a safe idyllic setting. Oh looks can be deceptive. That would be a 60 mile an hour narrow country lane with a large waste recycling plant next door but one and heavy vehicles going past the house at all hours.

Now, even without Shadow being such a reactive dog, I could see some of the problems with that one. It has been deleted from the list.


I forgot to tell you that Babeli is pregnant. It is wonderful news and we’re all very happy for her and Ron (the father). They won’t be born for another few weeks but we’ll bring you more news when they are. It’s funny to think that Alfie’s old girlfriend Bella is going to be a grandmother. He’d have been very happy for her.