Sharing with Shadow – Monday 17th May 2021

Sharing with Shadow

I’m in a kennel sharing with Shadow. Now, don’t get me wrong, Shadow and I get on very well, however – she’s going quite deaf. There are several problems with that. Firstly, she doesn’t hear a word I say. She’s glad I’m in the same kennel and is appreciative of having someone close by making her feel more settled and safe, which is good. However, she shouts all the time because she doesn’t think anyone can hear her. Oh boy, can that dog shout. She actually lost her voice a few weeks ago and it hasn’t come back properly, but she can still make far more noise than is socially acceptable.

Aristotle is fine

Aristotle on the other paw has his own kennel. How did he wangle that? He’s now laughing at me as because I’m here it’s saving him from having to look after his mother. We get to see him when we go outside, but he doesn’t have to put up with his mother’s constant barking. We aren’t staying long. It’s just so Mum and Dad can look at a couple of houses today, but Mum has warned us that when we do move house we may need to stay here for a few days while it all takes place.

Waiting for news

Now we just have to wait for news on where it will be we live. Our family isn’t normal. They haven’t started by saying we want a house in one particular place, they’re looking for the right house but anywhere in quite a big area. I can’t even begin to guess where I’m going to be putting my dog bed down but I guess it will be fun exploring when I do find out. I know Mum has been looking at what walks there are around the areas.



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