Dog hearing – Wednesday 19th May 2021

Dog hearing

Dog hearing is very good. We can hear a biscuit tin being opened from well over 100 metres. We can hear the fridge door from several blocks away. In addition to that, we can hear Mum’s car pulling into the drive of the kennels where we’re staying. There we were yesterday just after lunch, looking forward to our afternoon walk when we heard Mum’s car. At least, Aristotle and I heard her car, we had to use sign language for Shadow. I got all excited thinking Mum had come to take us home. Ten minutes later we heard her drive away. Now, we love kennels and we love our afternoon walks, but they don’t compare with cuddles with Mum.

Drop in

Apparently, we have to stay a little longer and Mum needed to drop some of Shadow’s medication off for her. You would think she might have taken the time to drop in to see us all and give us a hug, but no. She simply got back in the car and drove away. Oh, I know what she’ll say. It will be, ‘I didn’t want to upset you by thinking I’d come to pick you up.’ NEWS ALERT – we heard you! We’re not stupid. We already thought you’d come to pick us up, it would have been nice for you to explain in person.

More houses

I rang her later to find out what was going on. Why can’t I go house hunting with her? I could really help. It’s not really fair that she’s trying to choose our new home without any of the three of us having any say in the matter at all. What if she gets it wrong and we don’t like the one that she and Dad choose? Then what are they going to do? I might just pack my little case and move to Switzerland.