Flattered – Thursday 20th May 2021


Well, I’m flattered. We have lots of people email us wanting to try their products or to tell you about them. I don’t think any dog should recommend something they aren’t happy with themselves. We say ‘no’ unless it is something we’ve tried. Then of course there are the emails we sent where we don’t really think they have understood that we are a pet blog. This week we’ve been asked to promote vegan meals amongst other things. I do sometimes try to explain I may not be their target market, but not always. Then there was today’s email…

Shall I go?

Today I have been asked to go for a complete makeover for free so that I can tell you all about it. I, as a dog, have been invited to have my hair restyled and my make-up done. I can have a professional photo shoot of the new look me, for which I should take four changes of clothing. In my case, other than my harness and my Christmas jumper I’m not really sure what that would be. I do have a special collar, I could perhaps take that.

Definitely for me

Mum said she could go, but I showed her where on the email it said, “Dear Wilma” and it really does. What would happen if I accepted the offer and simply turned up to the appointment? Do you think they would go ahead or would I be turned away? I don’t want the ignominy of not being allowed in after I’ve been invited by name. I might reply for more details and see how long it takes them to work out they are talking to a dog. It’s worth a try and could kill a few hours while I’ve got nothing better to do.

Love Wilma

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