I was wrong – Saturday 22nd May 2021

I was wrong

It turns out I was wrong. Maybe moving is not such a bad idea after all. I stand by what I says about humans having too much ‘stuff’, but I’ve come round to thinking that the rest of this might be a good idea. Apparently Dad has found us a house to move to. When I say ‘Dad’ has found it, everything got a bit complicated. Mum actually found it but was not well so couldn’t travel with Dad to see it. It’s a good job that Dad knows what we all like as he is the only one who has seen it.


When Mum and Dad moved to Belgium sixteen years ago he had to choose the house then. Mum gave him only one requirement, ok two if you include the need for an ensuite bathroom. Her only request was that it had to have trees. I’m sorry to say she has upped her requirements in the meantime. Last time Dad found her a whole forest. Now she is asking for things for us, a bedroom downstairs so Shadow doesn’t have to be on her own, a large garden, wildlife, quiet – you know the sorts of things. The great news is he’s found them all and we are all very excited.

Shadow is happiest

Shadow isn’t going to have to be on her own at all. The very thought of that made Mum cry. Because Shadow can’t do the stairs without causing herself a problem, she has been pretty miserable. Going largely deaf has made her feel fretful and insecure. Now she can be with Mum twenty-four hours a day. The bedroom, the office and the kitchen will all be on the ground floor. Mum has said that she and I may need to discuss the fencing at the bottom of the garden to make sure it’s enough to stop me going into the field behind the house when the sheep are there. Honestly, you’d think she didn’t trust me!




  1. Tell your Mum, Wilma, that I hope it all goes smoothly. Is your house sold yet? Normally that’s the worst bit?. It’s good that Mum and Dad are so considerate.

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