Going Home – Sunday 23rd May 2021

Going home

We’re going home today. I’m really pleased as not only have I missed Mum, but I need a rest. Being with friends all the time can be just too much fun and very tiring. Of course, once I’ve had a nap for an hour or two I’ll be ready to start all over again. I just wish the weather would improve. I’m rather hoping we can spend lots of time in the garden and out walking when I’m back. I get a lot from outdoor life and I know Mum does too. I think I need to make her go out for her own good.


I heard from Mum that there are now sheep in the field behind our new house. I can’t wait to go to see them. Mum says I’m absolutely not allowed to go into the field to join them, which is a real shame. She has even said she’s going to review what is in place for fencing and possibly make it higher so I can’t go over. What does she take me for? I’ll just have to buy some wire cutters.

Big week

This week is going to be busy at home even without the house move. Mum has a new book coming out so has told us she will need some peace and quiet to do some of that. It was funny, but when she did a live book reading and Shadow howled in the background for the whole thing, Mum really wasn’t pleased. I think we should all put in guest appearances but I may be pushing my luck.

The other reason we need to be nice to Mum is that she has stopped eating refined sugar. Bear in mind that she has a very sweet tooth and you will start to realise she may not be in the best of moods.




    • Oh that’s a nice thought, but if she starts eating me there is going to be trouble!
      Love Wilma

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