Boxes and Boxes – Monday 24th May 2021

Boxes and…

I came home yesterday to find boxes and… yes, even more! Oh you wouldn’t believe it. This is even before the removals company delivers the boxes we will need. It turns out that Mum and Dad still had some of the cartons from the last move in the loft. Inside those cartons were more boxes that some of the things around the house go in. Dad is in his element. Because he may not actually be here when the move takes place, he has valiantly offered to make a start now. It could be weeks until we actually move, but by then some of the rooms will just be piles of cardboard. A cat would be in her element.

Lost belongings

The funniest part is the things that Dad’s found in cupboards that he never unpacked last time around. Now I go back to what I said. Humans are weird. If you haven’t actually taken something out of a box in the last eleven years it suggests to me that you probably don’t really need it. Dad sees it differently. He was delighted to find the box and has duly carefully repacked it ready for our move. It will probably come to light again in another eleven years, although I don’t suppose I’ll be around to see it.

Then of course…

There is one more box problem that I have not mentioned. Some of the things Dad has ordered through the post he has kept not only the box for the item but the box that was used to post it. Mum is trying to prize the outer boxes out of his hot sweaty hands, but if you saw the look of disappointment on his face you’d realise she is unlikely to win. We are destined to move with more boxes than any family needs.



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