Sunbathing – Wednesday 26th May 2021


I spent a glorious couple of hours yesterday morning sunbathing. For just a brief snatch of time the weather was good enough for Mum to leave the back door open and I made the most of it. I simply love finding a spot on the paving to lie in the sunshine. I stay close to the back door so I can hear if Mum needs me for anything and then just lie back and absorb the suns rays. Mum is surprised I don’t get too hot, but I’ve always loved a bit of sunbathing. It has led me to ask Mum how it will all work in the new house. I have to say I’m not that happy with the answer.

New Office

My new office will be a smaller room at the front of the house. When I say ‘my’ office, obviously I do have to share it with Mum, but I see it as mine. I won’t have a back door as nearby to lie outside of. This is a big concern. Mum has said that if things go to plan she is hoping to have a garden office put in and then it will all be easy, but that may not happen for a while. You can just see what’s going to happen. It will be wet all the rest of the time we live here – whilst I have the opportunity to be outdoors and then it will be beautiful and sunny when we move. That’s the point I shall only be going out with Mum.

Another concern

I’ve got another concern too. Sleeping on Mum’s bed is my domain. I caught her telling Aristotle that he could sleep on the bed. Ok, so because of his legs he’s never had time upstairs sleeping with Mum in the way that I do, but there’s never going to be room for all of us. I hope she isn’t thinking of letting him sleep there instead of me. I’m a worried dog. What do you think I should do?



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  1. Hi Wilma, You have a lot going on there. I understand how you feel. I do not cope with change easily. Look on the bright side, there may be lots of new and exciting adventures and things to discover at your new house.I am in the dog house again! Mum had me on the lead and I got excited and pulled her over. This was 2 weeks ago. She has been in pain and went to see the GP yesterday and then onto the hospital. I had to wait in the car with Dad. She has another fracture. The worst part about it is that she should have been going in for the day next week for a small operation on her foot. She is waiting to hear if it can still go ahead. I feel really bad but you know what it is like we just get so excited and act without thinking first. The downside is no more trips to see my mates at training for a while. Enjoy the sunbathing Lots of love Dickens X

    • Oh Dickens, how awful. Please tell your mum we are all thinking of her. You should know better at your age. Shadow says she’s not impressed with that sort of behaviour from her children and you need to be more thoughtful. She says you should now be running around after your mum doing anything she needs you to and most of all you must be a very good boy.
      Love to you all

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