Training Dad – Thursday 27th May 2021

Training Dad

I’ve been talking to Shadow and Aristotle and it seems the work of training Dad is complete. Every mealtime they have been sitting him down in the dining room and not letting him leave the table until he gives them some food. It was a bit hit and miss to begin with. Sometimes he’d remember and sometimes he wouldn’t. Now they have him up to a 95% success rate with a huge chunk of guilt on the other 5%. To be honest, it’s always hard to get a human to the 100% level in their training, they just don’t have the stamina to keep repeating the exercises until they get them right. Aristotle was nearly allowed some baked beans yesterday until Mum intervened and put her foot down. She can be so mean at times. She always dresses it up as being about our health, but I think she’s just doing it for fun.


There has been a bit of a sunflower incident in the garden and we don’t actually know who is to blame. Last year you may remember none of the sunflower seeds Mum had for the village sunflower competition germinated. This year, even though we’re leaving, she was determined to do better. She planted the ten seeds in pots and put them up in the vegetable trough out of harm’s way!

Whilst harm might not have got to them, something has. She had five that had come through and was very excited. Overnight that went down to four. The next night two. Mum was distraught. She has now got the old cold frame out to give them some protection and the two remaining seedlings are being nursed into a plant like state. I hope it works, else she won’t be happy. This time, I’m not to blame!



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